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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday #27 : 25w-26w


You are now 25 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of week 26. Your baby measures about 33 cm (or 13.2 inches) and weighs about 800 grams (or 1lb 12 oz). Their eyelids are no longer fused so they can now open them and even blink! It is possible for your baby to respond to bright light (such as shining a torch through the woman's belly). Newborn babies have vision that is perfectly focussed from about 20 to 30 cm (usually as far away as the face of the person holding them!) 

Your baby can now recognise your voice and be noticeably calmed by it (observed by their heart rate slowing). They can also recognise your partner's voice and different types of music. From observing unborn babies with ultrasound it has been shown they may respond to relaxing and classical type music by turning towards it and curl up and away from very loud rock, rap and pop type music.

me at 25w :)

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