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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

2nd Time Baby Gender Prediction

it's a BOY if:  (My result :: 13 out of 19 )
  • You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy - i have mild morning sickness
  • Your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute - owez over than 140
  • You are carrying the extra weight out front - YES!
  • Your belly looks like a basketball - YES!
  • Your areolas have darkened considerably - YES..
  • You are carrying low - YES!
  • You are craving salty or sour foods - ERMM.. YERP!!
  • You are craving protein -- meats and cheese - YEAH!
  • Your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy - YESS
  • The hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy - YEAH!!
  • Your hands are very dry - YESSS..
  • Your pillow faces north when you sleep - YUP!!
  • Dad-to-be is gaining weight, right along with you - NOW, LOOK LIKES HE SLIMMER THAN ME T_____T..
  • Pregnancy has you looking better than ever - I'M LOOK GOOD ALL THIS WHILE
  • Your urine is bright yellow in color -Yeah!!..
  • Your nose is spreading -  NOT INDICATE ANY CHANGES ..
  • You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it swings left to right - NOT EVER TRY YET...
  • You are having headaches - NO..
  • You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number ** 31 + 3 = 34 .. - OK OWWW, AS EXPECTED!!

it's a GIRL if: (My result :: 6 out of 19 )
  • You had morning sickness early in pregnancy - YES!! 
  • Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute - Nope!!
  • You are carrying the weight in your hips and rear - Nope!!
  • Your left breast is larger than your right breast- Nope!!
  • Your hair develops red highlights - Nope!!
  • You are carrying high - YESS!!
  • Your belly looks like a watermelon - Nope!! 
  • You are craving sweets - SUMTIME
  • You are craving fruit - YEAH!
  • You crave orange juice - APPLE MORE THAN DAT..
  • You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy - I'M LOOK GOOD..
  • You are moodier than usual during pregnancy - MY MOOD WAS QUITE OK
  • Your face breaks out more than usual -  Nope!!
  • You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread - YEAHH.. 
  • Your breasts have really blossomed! - HUBBY SAYS LIKE DAT..
  • Your pillow faces south when you sleep - Now , owez to de NORTH.. 
  • Your urine is a dull yellow color - Nope!!..
  • You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves in a circle - NOT EVER TRY THIS
  • You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number  ** 31 + 3 = 34 IT'S AN EVEN NUMBER..T_____T

** kalo ikut 2nd ramalan nie. confirm i will have 2nd boy..
and kalo menurut 2 doc yang dah scan my baby.. mmg Boboiboy.. ;)
Now aku dah 25w.. rase2nya result scan tu dan boleh finalized gender my baby..
apepun semuanya kuasa Allah s.w.t .. apepun jantina anakku ini.. aku terima dgn hati terbuka..
janji die lahir sihat dan sempurna sifat.. 

** Nama pun dah siap pilih dan dah dipersetujui ibu dan ayah lepas dapat tau gender tempoh hari.. i named him as ARIQ.. nice name kan..? nak taw nama penuh yg kami cadangkan utk adik boboy nie..?? Nah.. 

yang bermaksud ;
: (ARIQ)Seorang yang baik budi, mulia asalnya dan bijaksana, (RAYHAN)harum,meringankan, disukai Allah dan yang selesa, dan (RAHIMI)kesayanganku.

tapi aku ade gak terfikir-fikir nak ubah sket yang belakang tu menjadi 

 yang bermaksud ;

(RIZQI)Rezeki kurniaan Allah.

tengok lah nnt cemana.. yang pasti ARIQ tetap ARIQ ..hehehe.. yang belakang2 tu tunggu lah nnt ape yg tertera di surat beranak nya nnt.. insyaAllah :)


  1. Auwww..
    ada Rayhan disitu
    i loike!

  2. wah, bestnya nama adik..nani tak cari prepare 2 nama gak..hehe