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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2nd Pregnancy ; 24 Weeks

In 24 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your baby is now around the size of an eggplant.

Baby’s body size to head size proportion is about right for a newborn baby. And, by now you’re feeling Baby move just about every day.

Not only has your baby’s body size caught up with the head size, but Baby is now looking more and more like a full-term newborn. And his or her brainwaves are also about the same as a newborn baby.

And you’re probably feeling more energy with an increased libido.

Baby has developed a regular sleep-awake pattern now with a daily routine of robust physicalactivity during specific times of the day.

At this point your weight gain is pretty steady.

Since your uterus has moved out of the pelvic area into your lower tummy, you’re probably not feeling as much bladder pressure. This means less urgency to pee than during your first trimester.

What’s Happening at 24 Weeks Pregnancy Stages?

Healthy baby pregnancy 24 weeks:

•Lungs are beginning to develop.

•A girl’s vagina has begun forming.

•Eyelids and eyebrows start to show.

•Permanent teeth are beginning to form.

•Baby’s skin is opaque and not see-through.

•Muscles are stronger from so much exercise.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy – 24 weeks:

•Increased thyroid activity may cause perspiration.

•Twelve to fifteen pounds or so is normal weight gain.

•Increased vaginal secretions may occur about this time.

•Weight gain will continue at rate of about a pound a week.

•Some women get foot and leg cramps or mild ankle swelling.

•You may or may not experience leaky breasts – either is normal.

•Uterus pressure on stomach may cause constipation and heartburn.

Pregnant women generally know they’re going to gain weight, but very few know their fingernails may grow faster, their hair may get thicker and their feet can get bigger. However, there’s no need for alarm. These phenomena return to normal soon after childbirth.