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Friday, 11 May 2012

10Q For Baby Gender Quiz

Q1) Whats your baby's heartbeat?
A1) If its lower than 140 boy and higher its a girl

Me : 186bpm

Q2) Are you are positively glowing/blooming in your pregnancy?
A2) Yes - favors boy, No, favors girl

Me : so far , Yes

Q3) Did you suffer morning sickness?
A3) No - its a boy, Yes - its a girl

Me : Something , but now not at all.

Q4) How are you carrying your baby?
A4) If carrying low and out front - favors boy, carrying high and all round - favors girl

Me : Not showing yet

Q5) What food are you craving?
A5) Protein (cheese and meat) and salty food - its a boy, sweet things such as juice or fruit - its a girl

Me : i like juice and fruits but don't like sweet thing the most.

Q6) Whats the condition of your skin?
A6) Its dry - favors boy, Its smooth - favors girl

Me : Smooth and steady ..

Q7) How has your hair changed since you became pregnant?
A7) Thick and shiny - its a boy, thin and dull - its a girl

Me : Thinny, and dull i think..

Q8) Which side do you lie on when sleeping?
A8) Left - favors boy, right - favors girl

Me : more to the left.. to the left.. but something to the right also.. i always change the direction of sleep every time I change my dream. hahaha

Q9) What happens when you eat garlic?
A9) You absolutely stink of garlic afterward - favors boy, no garlic smell after - favors girl

Me : i'm just OK with the smell of garlics.

Q10)What color is your urine?
A10) Bright yellow - its a boy, dull yellow - its a girl

Me : almost DULL YELLOW ..

Result : 6 Pinkish / 4 Bluish

**This Baby Gender Quiz is just a bit of fun and is not a way to Determine Baby Gender.

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