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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fibroids and Pregnancy at the Same Time, Is It Dangerous?

Most women’s first reaction when the doctors tell them that they have uterine fibroids and pregnancy at the same time is probably panic and despair. But the fact is, despite having fibroids, there are many women have successfully conceived and delivered normal and healthy babies.

Fibroids usually develop in women above 30 years, where most of them wish to have babies. The main concern relating to fibroids and pregnancy are:

- Does it cause infertility?

- Does it cause complication during pregnancy or delivery?

According to statistic data, there were only small percentages of women who face problems with fibroids which cause infertility. This usually happened when the fibroid tumors in uterus are large and block one or both of fallopian tubes.

During post conception, uterine tumors may cause the pain during pregnancy as well as causing other symptoms like heavy vaginal bleeding, backache, pain in pelvic region, etc, these fibroids symptoms don’t affect all pregnant women. A lot of women has been proved that they had safe pregnancy and delivered healthy babies despite having uterine fibroids tumors.

This article is focused on the complications, the symptoms and the optional treatment as well as frequently asked question about uterine fibroids and pregnancy which occurred at the same time.
Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy – The Complications

While small-sized uterine tumors do not always cause any symptoms, uterine fibroids and pregnancy are usually detected at the same time. This is happened when the women were checked with Ultra sonogram to confirm their pregnancy. Mostly, uterine tumors will not cause any major problem during pregnancy for many women. However, there are some complications which can arise when someone has detected to have fibroids and pregnancy at the same time, although they are rare cases and will not cause any harm to the fetus, unless there is a heavy bleeding.

Below are some of the complications in pregnancy due to fibroids:
1. The blocking of birth canal by uterine tumors.

If the size of fibroids tumors is very large, it can block the birth canal and prevent the baby to be born normally.
2. Abnormal position of the baby inside the uterus

This can happened when the fertilized egg which implanted in the uterine wall is closed to the location of fibroids tumors.
3. Fibroids can increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth

The fibroid tumor which continues to grow will demand both space and nutrition. This kind of tumors can cause miscarriages.
Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy – The Symptoms

There are some common symptoms when a woman has uterine fibroids and pregnancy at the same time. However these symptoms are not specific, that’s why uterine fibroids can only be confirmed by using USG.
Pain in abdominal area
Digestive disturbance, such as constipation
Frequent urination
Excessive bleeding from vagina
Heavy pressure felt in pelvic region
Fibroids and Pregnancy – The Optional Treatment

Every woman who was told to have fibroids and pregnancy will have “panic” as her first reaction. Then the next question is, is it possible to treat the fibroids during pregnancy? Fortunately, many cases of fibroids and pregnancy are not life threatening and many women had completely healthy pregnancy along with fibroids tumors.

The best treatment of fibroids and pregnancy is to avoid chemical medication and drugs, while pregnant women carried an unborn life. Basically fibroids occur because of hormonal change, and this hormonal balance can be restored by natural methods. It’s safe, no side effect and effective in shrinking the fibroids tumors in natural way. It would be worthwhile to give natural treatment a chance before going in for surgery.

Below are two simple natural methods shared by a friend who diagnosed to have fibroids and pregnancy:
1. Pay attention to your diet

Excess estrogen as well as toxins accumulated in the liver increase the growth rate of fibroids tumors. That’s why a high fat diet, high level of progesterone and deficiency in vitamin B can cause the fibroids to develop.

Choose healthy and right food, it’s not only safe for the pregnancy, but also helps shrinking the fibroids size naturally. Avoid processed food and consume organic food as possible as you can. Our body immune system will be boosted by changing the diet style into healthier food.

Consuming high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, especially iron-rich green leafy vegetables are a good start. Avoid consuming dairy products, milk or yoghurt. Decrease the consumption of red meat and increase consumption of fish instead. If you can’t avoid red meat, choose organic meat which is free from chemical drugs, artificial hormones and pesticides. This will help you avoiding exposure of harmful substances.
2. Avoid stress life

Using meditation or acupuncture is very effective alternative method of treating uterine fibroids. Be optimist and trust yourselves that you’ll get through fibroids and pregnancy safely.
Fibroids and Pregnancy-FAQ

What is Fibroids?

Fibroids are some kind of tumors which grow in a woman’s womb, that’s why it’s often called uterine fibroids. Normally, fibroids are not cancerous and usually start to develop in a woman above the age of 30.

I was diagnosed to have fibroids tumor in my uterus, is it possible for me to get pregnant? Am I in the risk of being infertile?

Conception will be difficult to occur if:
The location of fibroids is much closed to the cervix.
Fibroids prevent sperm to fertilize eggs while its position is at the end of the fallopian tubes.
If the fibroids located in uterus are too large, it can sometimes prevent implantation.

According to statistic data, fibroids are indeed the cause of infertility in approximately 3-12% of women.

If fibroids are detected after conception, what complications can possibly happened?
Premature delivery is the first risk if the fibroids tumors present under the lining of the womb and cause womb distension.
Heavy bleeding comes as the second risk. This usually occurred during the second trimester of the pregnancy, as the baby grows bigger and the fibroids press on the other internal organs.
More than normal pain during pregnancy.
Increasing opportunity of miscarriages.

How to deal with fibroids and pregnancy to minimize the risks?

Consume lots of fruits and vegetables (organic ones are better).
Avoid processed or packaged food (especially processed meat)
Avoid junk food
Reduce (or avoid) caffeine contained in tea or coffee
Drink at least 2-3 water everyday
Avoid chemical medicine or drugs if possible.


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