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Monday, 10 October 2011

What’s your ideal sports game?

Invent your own game!!

J.K. Rowling’s creative mind made her create “Quidditch”, a game played on broomsticks and it came to life on the movie screen. Let’s see how creative you can get at creating a game, and win prizes worth RM 50,000!

Milo Cans want to give away RM 10,000 cash and branded tablets! All you gotta do is create a game that people can play in a tournament! The more wacky and unique it is, the better! You could be jumping around in sacks swirling around a hula hoop, as long as it has a purpose, the better. Create a game the world has never seen before!

What’s your ideal sports game? Let’s create a game with #MiloCansNextGame to win RM 10K!

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