Pengikut Setia

Thursday, 21 April 2011


This night was rather lackluster. Plans to go to Kota Damansara canceled. Alif is asleep and I was lazy to go out. so I just keep sitting at home watching TV while online. My husband just returned from playing futsal. he is such a sense of guilt for being home late and caused me to cancel plans to go to downtown. He understand his wife better,who does not like to go out when it is already too late, especially at night. He already knows the situation and will pretend to persuade me. But when I say no, the answer remains NO. Not to be persuaded other-coax. And now he was coming home with food. Husband knew that his wife was hunger strike. That's why I do not want to speak even a word with him. Feeling very hungry lorr and now I want to fill my hungry stomach. Until then, see you in another entry yah!.. good night ~

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