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Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Lately, I feel like life is very boring. doing the same thing every day is something that is very boring. Arriving at the office, the first thing I would do is go down to the kiosk, eat breakfast while gathered with friends and colleagues. after that, sitting at my work space while doing office work, and on-the-while making a routine activity of writing blog entries, and often I would chat on Twitter with my virtual friends. thus the journey of my life every day. and I have started to feel bored with it all. Fortunately there is a sweet child who always accompanies me every time after working hours. treat these children are quite entertaining and can eliminate all tired after a day at the office. True words of others, children are the antidote to everything else. All tired, hurt and stress will disappear only to look at the face of our children. Back to the title of this post, I am now in an effort to revive the mood that I was missing in me. Mood to work is so out to sea .. muahaha ~ feel like just pick up the child at the nursery and bring him home. change clothes and take him walk anywhere he wants to go. hurm ... how about going to Megakids, Mid Valley?? it was ok too! brought my son play there in the fullest so that he has not wanted to go there again. Can or not?. But still, it's just my fantasy. I might not be able to do that. Ok Jue, stop dreaming during the day. Now look at your pc back and start your work as usual.. tata~

1 comment:

  1. kid dulu kalau boring kat office suka tengok gambar-gambar haqq kat pc tu..
    sambil tengok gambar sambil tu ingat kejadian dalam gambar tu..

    takpun tengok video yang kid rakam dalam hp..
    ulang banyak kali..
    lebih lagi video masa dia baby..

    cubalah jue..
    mana tau boleh hilangkan boring tu..
    selamat mencuba :)