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Thursday, 10 December 2009


complete abortion
- one in which all the products of conception are expelled from the uterus and identified.

habitual abortion
- spontaneous abortion occurring in three or more successive pregnancies, at about the same level of development.

incomplete abortion
- that with retention of parts of the products of conception.

induced abortion
- that brought on intentionally by medication or instrumentation.
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inevitable abortion
- a condition in which vaginal bleeding has been profuse and the cervix has become dilated, and abortion will invariably occur.

infected abortion
- that associated with infection of the genital tract.

missed abortion
- retention in the uterus of an abortus that has been dead for at least eight weeks.

septic abortion
- that associated with serious infection of the uterus leading to generalized infection.

spontaneous abortion
- that occurring naturally.

therapeutic abortion
- that induced for medical considerations.

threatened abortion
- a condition in which vaginal bleeding is less than in inevitable abortion and the cervix is not dilated, and abortion may or may not occur.

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